Święto Kawy w Miasteczku Galicyjskim w Nowym Sączu

Coffee Festival in the Galician Town in Nowy Sącz

From 2019-10-04 to 2019-10-04
Coffee Festival in the Galician Town in Nowy Sącz
Data i godzina rozpoczęcia: Friday, 4 October 2019 17:00
Data i godzina zakończenia: Friday, 4 October 2019 21:00
ul. Lwowska 226, 33-300 Nowy Sącz Tourist subregion: Beskidzki
Organizator: Muzeum Okręgowe w Nowym Sączu
The Galician Town (a branch of the District Museum in Nowy Sącz) has been organising the Coffee Festival for several years. This year also all the lovers of this drink are more than welcome.
During the event, you can learn about the history of coffee, get to know how to brew it, learn about the accessories used to brew coffee, try coffee delicacies, as well as learn about the unusual ways to use coffee.
In the evening the organizers invite you to a concert. This year, it will be a recital of songs composed and written by Czesław Niemen, Zbigniew Wodecki, Frank Sinatra and many other outstanding artists, performed by Michał Skocznia.

Event programme:
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