Zakończenie sezonu w Sądeckim Parku Etnograficznym

End of the season in the Sądecki Ethnographic Park

From 2019-10-06 to 2019-10-06
End of the season in the Sądecki Ethnographic Park
Start date and time: Sunday, 6 October 2019 10:00
End date and time: Sunday, 6 October 2019 18:00
ul. B. Wieniawy-Długoszowskiego 83 b, 33-300 Nowy Sącz Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski
Tourist subregion: Beskidzki
Organiser: Muzeum Okręgowe w Nowym Sączu
On 6 October, the Sądecki Ethnographic Park invites you to an event closing the tourist season in the museum.
The event's program includes shows and workshops of crafts and folk art (melting tar, making sheep's cheese, weaving wool gloves, demonstrations of work at a weaving workshop, making flowers from tissue paper, making wooden toys, making shepherd's instruments, glass painting workshops, manufacturing of Lemko "krywulka" neck ornament) and tasting of regional dishes: potatoes baked on a sticker, baked bread from the oven, fruit from the rural drying room, delicacies of the rural cuisine. It will also be able to visit the exhibition "Photographed by Wojciech Migacz from Gostwica, powiat Nowy Sącz" and take part in the workshop "all you wanted to know about the traditional costume of Lachy Sądeckie ethnic group" (available also for the visually impaired and blind). The "Nawojowiacy" regional band will present a performance entitled "Kasia's wedding".

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